About Warranty

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About the warranty policy and principles, please read the After-Sale Policy carefully


Warranty period


※ After you buy Laikago machines and other related products, the warranty period is calculated from the day you receive them.

※ If the Unitree product you purchased have exceeded the warranty period, you can also obtain our help by purchasing additional service.

※ During the warranty period, without the permission of Unitree Robotics, if the clients do transformation, disassembly, and shell opening privately, the warranty period will be directly invalid.


Ways of maintenance


In accordance with specific circumstances, we will repair or replace the parts of Unitree products purchased by you correspondingly. However, the following circumstances will not be free warranty:

× Damages caused by factitious factors rather than manufacturing factors;

× Damage caused by transformation, disassembly, and shell opening privately, etc.;
× Damages caused by improper installation, incorrect use, or operation not in accordance with official instructions or manuals;
× Damage caused by the repairing and exchanging followed by a non-authorized service instructions or manuals;
× Damages caused by unauthorized modification of circuits and misuse of the battery and the charger;
× Damages caused by the operations in severe environment, such as strong magnetic disturbances, rain, dust storms, wetlands and other complex conditions;

× Damage caused by operation in sharp terrain, undulating conditions, etc.;

× Damage caused by operation on ground with very low friction (e.g. ice ground, glass ground);

× Damage caused by falling damage (except for falls on flat terrain);

× Damages caused by colliding with people or objects in the complex environments;
× Damages caused by operating the product in an environment suffering from interference with other wireless devices , such as Wi-Fi signals, etc.;

× Damages caused by overloading in excess of safe load conditions;

× Damages caused by violence or non-violence in excess of the robot's anti-interference limits;

× Damages caused by powering the robot with non-original battery;

× Damages caused by compatibility and reliability issues when using the products of the third party;
× Damages caused by forced operation in case of aging or damaging parts;
× Damages caused by operating the unit with a low-charged or defective battery;

× The relevant items are not sent within the specified time after contacting Unitree to confirm the warranty service;

× Due to operational errors, the robot hits hard objects or falls down, there are obvious signs of collisions on the surface of the robot, and obvious traces of scratches;

× There are obvious signs of dust, sand, water and metal powder intrusion inside the robot;

× Due to the use of water in the humid environment, there are obvious water spots on the surface and inside of the robot, the components and boards have corrosion marks;

× Under the developer mode, users use their own programs to develop high-level or low-level robots, resulting in damage to the robot. Including: When the high-level development, the robot carries users’ own vision system to control the robot to move, the damage caused by the robot hitting a sharp object or falling down from the height; When the bottom-level development, the damage caused by the user-controlled motor hits the joint limit or other impacts, high-speed vibration of the motor; etc.


Other details


√  When you send the product(s) to Unitree for return, repair or replacement, you are responsible for shipping costs.
√  Unitree will examine the returned product(s) to identify the problem. If the problem qualifies for service under this policy, Unitree will bear the cost for refund, replacement, or repair and return the product(s) at our cost to you.
√  If the product does not conform to the condition of free maintenance, you will have to pay the service. Unitree will not start repair until you agree to the cost for repair. If you disagree with the cost for repair, Unitree will return the product(s) with you burdening the cost of return shipping.
√  If the product exceeds the warranty scope, we will collect the corresponding inspection fees, replacement parts fees, test fees, labor fees and express fees in accordance to the specific issues.
√  Product maintenance may cause user-generated data loss. Therefore, please backup your data first.
√  Please do not send the seriously damaged battery back. If you have sent it back, Unitree will reject the battery and will not return it.


If you have any further questions about the warranty service of Unitree, please contact us.

The warranty period may be various according to local laws and regulations