• Is there any difference between buying on the official website and on the other third-party channels

    For domestic customers, you can buy any Unitree products through the third party platform Tmall or Jingdong flagship store, as well as the direct purchase channels on this website. When you purchase our machines, you need to sign up the purchase agreement with us and pay the deposit in a certain percentage of the whole price. After the production and the final payment, we can deliver it. Therefore, we recommend you to buy directly on this website. Of course, you can also contact us directly for order. If you have any questions about your purchase, please contact us directly.

  • Can children operate this product?

    Currently, Unitree products are located in non consumer class, which is not used by the general consumer. Therefore, if you have a child, please do not let it close to the robots or to operate the robot. Our age limit for using the robots is over 16 years.

  • Is there any training on the operation of the product?

    In this website, you can obtain basic safety operation rules through the training guidance.

    You can understand the matters needing to pay attention through our detailed documentation such as instruction manuals of your products. If you have problems in some aspects, you can contact us directly, as well. We will wholeheartedly answer the problems you encountered. Of course, you can get more professional training by paying extra fees.

  • What is the warranty time of the product?

    You can understand the specific warranty of the products through this website of service and maintenance - >about the warranty. If you are not sure about the warranty time of the components, please contact us directly.

  • Ordering Notes


    Ordering Notes:
    Please read the ordering notes carefully before you order the Unitree products.
    ※ When you have ordered the Unitree products, it means that you have read and agree to the ordering notes;
    ※ When you buy the Laikago machine, you need to pay a deposit first, and the deposit amount is about 30% of the total price of the machine. Meanwhile, you can buy or order other products directly;
    ※ The deposit is a part of the total price of the machine, and the final payment is the remainder of the total machine’s price after deducting the deposit;
    ※ You can also take a one-time payment of the machine directly. During the process of the production, the price may be changed due to the market of raw materials, the cost of human resources and so on. However, it will not affect your price if you have paid for the machine;
    ※ The change in the price of the product is a normal phenomenon. We will take the price of the product subject to your purchase and payment of the deposit;
    ※ The quadruped robot is the groundbreaking product. Whether the whole machine or electrical structure or control, we have been optimizing. Therefore, there are many differences in appearance or mechanical structure while actual delivering the products (There is no changes in the key size and performance). When you ordered, we will assume that you have accepted this difference, which may not be the reason to return it;
    ※ In order to ensure the smooth progress of the transaction, we will contact you within seven working days after your order. After you confirm your purchase intention and reach an agreement with us, we will sign the purchase contract with you. Meanwhile, you must pay a deposit within three working days. After confirming the receipt of the deposit, we will produce your ordering products. Within the agreed time, you only need to pay the final payment after the completion;
    ※ What you need to pay special attention to is that the deposit cannot be returned. You will not get the deposit after the payments;
    In addition to the following two cases:
    1. After paying the deposit, you repay the total price of the machine.
    2. Due to some aspects, we will cancel your order if we cannot guarantee the delivery in time. Meanwhile, we will get in touch with you and return your deposit of order. If you have paid the full price, we will return your payments, and we will not take any responsibilities for the breach contract.
    ※ In some exceptional circumstances, it is possible for us to postpone the delivery. We will inform you of the delay in time;
    ※ You can contact us directly to obtain a more detailed understanding of other unfinished matters.


  • About the purchase?


    Quadruped robot is an emerging industry, and this product is the pioneer in this industry.

    If you want the Unitree products, you can pay for it through the purchase link, in accordance to scheduled products, you need to login first. After login, you only need to fill out the basic purchase information. Meanwhile, we will promptly contact you to confirm your purchase intention and inform the purchasing matters. We strongly recommend you to register on this website first. You can also contact us for the purchase directly through the way this website provides. According to the purchase of a quadruped robot, the deposit is required to pay in advance. After signing the contract with you after the pre order product, we will arrange the production as soon as possible. Within the limited time, we will provide you with a complete product after your final payment.

    If you have any questions about the purchase, or if you want to know more about the purchase, please contact us