Unitree Robotics APP

Beta version

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 This is the test app for Unitree Robot Dog.

The app currently has two functions, a simulator and a remote controller.
The remote controller can transmit the video data from the robot dog, and together with computer vision functions to pick and following certain objects.
The simulator is used to simulate the remote controller so as to let our users be familiar with the functionalities of our robot.
The simulator can be used to control the robot. There are currently two state, walking state and standing state.
You can press select to switch between two states.
When the robot is in standing state, moving virtual joysticks will make the robot perform actions like leaning forward and backward.
When the robot is in walking state, moving virtual joystick will control the robot to move in different directions.

The remote controller must be used with our robot dog, and you must purchase one before using its functionalities.